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Hi! I'm Milo Finnian Flynn, and I'm an artist, filmmaker, and gamedev with a passion for art and mad science—I uh, I mean animation! Animation! Definitely no mad science going on here, for sure! ...I do love experimenting with different mediums, styles, and formats, though. And I'm always learning something!

And sometimes the thing I'm learning is how to rattle jars of peppercorns to make rattlesnake sound effects. Or how to mod The Sims so characters will randomly zap things with ray guns. Y'know, as you do.

Yep! ...No mad science here, definitely!

My work has been screened at ANIMAINE: The Maine Animation Festival, the UWM Student Film & Video Festival, has been shown at two UWM Animation Showcases, and I was nominated for Best Director at The Alternative Film Festival in Toronto!

You can find my demo reel, art portfolio, films, and Twine games via the links at the top of the page. Any business inquiries can be directed to my email at

Have a great day!

- Milo

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